Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Best Repurposed Plates

Hey friends, how are you doing today! I’ve been contemplating what to do with some plates in my Etsy shop. I’ve seen others repurpose different items to make cake stands and other great things. I had these plates on my Etsy shop forever and they just didn’t seem to sell. Some of them are so pretty, too and these are just a few of them. I have lots more! They have been hanging around too long so it was time to make some changes to them.

Three pretty dessert plates and pedestals needing some purpose.
Voila! Cake Stands!

This was so easy and it only takes about 10 minutes. All I did was make sure the two surfaces were clean and I used some “Liquid Nails” to put them together. I turned the glass candle holder and vase upside down for no other reason then I liked the way it looked.

How about a cup of coffee and some coffee cake? I’m kind of liking the watermelon cake plate. How about you?


I love the way they turned out and since I have plenty of plates I will be searching my thrift stores for some more pedestals!


Do you have a favorite? Have you ever repurposed anything? Drop me a line, I’d love to know how it turned out!

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How to Change your Flatware Box into Something Amazing!

Okay, my friends, this flatware box is an idea from my friend, Christy at “Confessions of a Serial DIYer”

You have got to visit her blog. She has some amazing things she has brought back to life!

So back to my flatware box. I spotted this at our local Goodwill and I grabbed it knowing that I could refurbish this into a nice jewelry case.

This is what it looked like before I started painting it and after I pulled the guts out of it.

I had leftover fabric from the little jewelry box I posted about a week ago. I had bought from stencils from Michael’s and I decided to use the French sign on this box.

I liked the handle on the box so no need to change it, all I did was paint it. After painting the whole box with my mixture of chalk paint and applying the stencil, I lightly sanded it with 150 grit sandpaper to give it an antique look. I sealed it with a brush on sealer, Folkart’s Artists’ Varnish Gloss. Although it’s labeled “gloss” it really doesn’t have a glossy look to it.

From this plain flatware box to a pretty jewelry case!

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Doesn’t Everyone Love Sailing? Stool with a Nautical Theme

I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo of this little stool before I started painting. Trust me, it was in bad shape! The stool was painted and looked like it had been used for many chores. I could see that it had more potential to be something better. I saw it as a little stool for a boy’s room. Here is what I did.

First I painted the whole stool with white chalk paint, then I wanted to stencil something on the seat and decided a nautical theme would look good. I bought this Martha Stewart stencil which had a few different nautical items to choose from. I decided on the sailboat and the ropes in the corners.

After which stripes were calling for this little stool.

It had some dings and marks on it, however, I think those things just give more character. What little boy wouldn’t want this in their room? This and the jewelry box are going to my Etsy shop.

Next week: Flatware Box

Small Side Table

Hello friends! Remember this little table? I bought it to use in my kitchen to hold some plants. I didn’t want to spend too much money and I needed a small table.

Actually, it ended up at work for a while in our reception area. We then moved to a much bigger office space and it wasn’t needed, so back home it came, especially since I was retiring shortly after we moved. I worked at UB for almost 17 years and I was told that our office would be moving the entire time I was there. I said, they will move our office when I’m ready to retire and wouldn’t you know it, our office location moved about two months before I retired! Anyway, back to my little table. I decided to use it by the entry from my garage. It definitely needed a little makeover though.

I decided to paint it with Behr’s Ivory paint.

I bought a new knob and did a little rough sanding before waxing.

That’s a photo of me and my husband taken a few years ago. We look so young! Well, maybe more than a few years ago . . .

I added some fabric to the drawer leftover from my shower curtain. I like the way it goes with the knob. I really like the way it turned out. Much better than the plain pine table it was before. I would show you it’s new home, however, my living room/dining room is a work in progress right now. That will be for a later post.

So what do you think? Would you have painted it or maybe stained it or just left it alone?

Next project. I think this was used for sewing/crafts. It’s on rollers and the lid opens for storage. The side slot would be used for your sewing or craft magazines. Next post, see how I decided to use it.